6 Types of Content For Lead Generation

 Content is perhaps the most affordable way small business owners can effectively generate very hot leads on a shoe-string budget. The first thing to remember about attracting new clients is that people usually work with those they know, like, and trust. Content allows you to portray your personality, knowledge, skills, empathy, etc. to readers, so they begin to respect you as an authority in your field. Words are that powerful!

Content also allows you to express your own individuality and personality, which can resonate with certain people who also identify with your background, style, and vibe. This alone can be worth gold to you! I personally believe that content marketing is one of – if not THE most effective way to generate leads online. Content actually can pre-qualifty your leads so they really understand what you and your company are about.

In this post, we’ll be exploring six types of content business owners can use to generate HOT leads. You don’t have to incorporate all of these methods into your lead generation process, but at least consider a few of these. In fact, you’re probably already using some of these methods already!

How-To Articles

Helping your target prospects through how-to articles helps you become an authority in your niche and really stand out from your competition. How-to articles don’t necessarily have to be lengthy; they just need to provide a solution to the reader’s issue and solve a problem.


Most people love reading lists because they provide useful information in an organized manner. List posts or articles can also be concise to effectively portray you as an expert in your specialty. Furthermore, list titles starting with the words and phrases “Top…”, “Best…”, or “[insert number] Ways…” do especially well with engagement.


Email marketing is a fantastic form of content that can grow your client base in many ways. People still read their emails and communicate via email on a daily basis! Make sure you are building your list and providing your subscribers with valuable content that helps them on a regular basis – at least weekly – so they don’t forget you exist.

Lead Magnets

The power of lead magnets lies in their ability to position you as an authority in your field and collect the email addresses of your ideal clients. A lead magnet can be any piece of useful content you give away in exchange for subscribers: an ebook, checklist, mini-course, video series, etc. It doesn’t have to be very long or in-depth, just enough information to solve a particular problem.

Social Media Posts

Since nearly everyone is on social media these days, it’s important to maintain a presence that indicates you are accessible and have a base or following. This just reinforces to your potential prospects that you are a real person. Social media posts can be very powerful, especially if you are regularly posting engaging content that speaks to your prospects directly and provides solutions to their problems.


These are so important to building your reputation with new clients! Testimonials are simple, yet powerful little pieces of content that do your selling 24/7. Place them on your website, social media, lead magnets, etc. Don’t be afraid to ask your old clients for a testimonial. You can always use an incentive such as a discounted session or whatever else you think they’d appreciate.

Final Thoughts

One important factor to keep in mind with content is that you don’t want to reveal everything otherwise you won’t have any clients! Content should only provide enough take-away information that helps your prospects while still leaving a need for your services.

All above all, your content should always end with a CTA (call-to-action) specifying exactly what action you want your readers to take next. This usually involves setting up a discovery call or grabbing your free lead magnet so you can collect their email address. 


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